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since 2021.04

ORIZURU Herbarium

This herbarium was created with the image of a peaceful and bright future.
  Arranging cranes and dried flowers made from recycled one thousand origami cranes,
  It is a figurine infused with mineral oil.

MIYAJIMA Herbarium

This herbarium was created with the image of the scenery of the fireworks display that was once held in Miyajima.  It is an ornament made by arranging the Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine and dried flowers and pouring mineral oil.

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◆◇ How to use◇◆

The contents are mineral oil, so it's harmless.  It is not meant to be consumed or applied to the skin
  Take it out of the plastic case, do not open the cap, and display it away from direct sunlight as much as possible.
  The change in the appearance of the dried flowers that increase in transparency over time is very beautiful.

Oil composition

Herbarium oil (mineral oil/liquid paraffin)
  Viscosity 350 Density/0.868g/cm3 Pour point -12.5°C Flash point 250°C or higher Non-hazardous material

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Herbarium production scenery

We hold workshops that even children can make at the event.

Herbarium ハーバリウム

plastic bottle  ¥1,320〜

mini  ¥1,595


whiskey bottle    ¥4,235


​long tower  ¥4,950

MIYAJIMA Herbarium
Cylinder plastic bottle ¥1,320〜

MIYAJIMA Herbarium
Conical glass bottle ¥1,595〜

ー 商品取り扱い店 ​ー

ー Shops ​ー

Products:Long tower・Herbarium mini・Whiskey bottle

Products:Long tower・Herbarium mini・Whiskey bottle

Products:Herbarium mini・Miyajima Herbarium

Products:Long tower・Herbarium mini・Miyajima Herbarium

Products:Long tower・Herbarium mini・Whiskey bottle・Miyajima Herbarium

Products:Herbarium mini


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