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Our Story


What is Sakuro?

It is a handmade accessory brand that conveys the feelings of peace from Hiroshima with products using 100% recycled paper origami cranes and thousand paper cranes.


We are making one special souvenir in the world that is handmade and warm so that everyone who comes to Hiroshima can remember the feelings of peace as well as the wonderful memories even after returning home. 

We also sell manicure flower accessories with the image of seasonal flowers. We value each value and help you find your own crush in your daily life.

What is ORIZURU?

The "ORIZURU" series, which is popular as a souvenir from Hiroshima, a Japanese handicraft. We use elegant Yuzen-dyed Japanese paper, which is only 4 cm long, and carefully fold the crane into our products.

"Orizuru" is one of the traditional Japanese cultures of origami, but in Hiroshima it is also called a "symbol of peace", and "orizuru" has meaningful.


What is TSUMUGU?

We use handmade recycled paper made from  paper cranes dedicated to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park from all over the world. This bright paper is a recycled paper made by special order with a focus on 100% purity of Senbazuru.

Thousand origami cranes are sent to Hiroshima from all over the world, including Japan, and the number reaches about 10 tons every year. The feelings of wishing for peace and the kind feelings contained in the thousand origami cranes will now be turned into products from our hands and spun into the future. I am making it with that in mind.

Initiatives of SDGs

At Sakuro, we are working to contribute to society through product manufacturing by outsourcing part of the work to mainly women who have difficulty working outside, or by outsourcing to work places where people with disabilities work.



I was born and raised in Hiroshima, and every August 6th reminds me how grateful I am for the peaceful life we have now.

Every year, about ten tonnes of "thousand paper cranes" are donated from all over the world in hopes of bringing peace to the world. All of our products are made by crews who share our values.

Colors and shapes vary from person to person. That is your character. I believe that having your favourite colours and things around you helps you feel more relaxed and happy. 
We do not follow the trends but we hope to be able to help you discover your "Sparkle" together. 

◆November 1975

Born in Hiroshima. Love animals, drawing and hand-crafting



I was looking for a job doing handicrafts from home and was obsessed with manicured flower accessories. At the same time, I was thinking of making a paper crane-inspired item.


◆November 2018

With my handcrafted items, I started a business. They were sold on commission, and they also participated in local events to promote my products.



I'm trying to expand my business. I'm a student at SAKKAZAKKA University. I'm putting in a lot of time and effort to demonstrate my abilities. Looking for ways to help people who have a hard time working full-time shifts by offering them the option of working flexible hours such as caregivers. 


Opening some jobs for people who want to work with more flexibility. I'd also like to assist people with disabilities in integrating them into society and bringing more joy into their lives. 

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