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Tsumugu is our original brand name, which means "weave" and our products are composed of recycled paper from donated paper cranes.


Those paper cranes came from all across the globe, representing various countries, cultures, genders, and ages. We combine them to form one paper, which has a lovely colour that unites all people in the world.


Many of these items are created by members of our socially assisted team.


We use these papers to express our gratitude to you.

Why recycled paper?

Around ten tonnes of paper cranes have been given from all over the world.

I heard that many were recycling the paper cranes, and I thought it was a great concept.


I hope that when you wear or see one of our products, it brings you joy and serenity. I want you to know that peace is always at your side.

What is 100% recycled crane paper?

The recycled paper is usually made up of a few pieces of paper and milk cartons, and the colour of the paper is barely visible.


I was on the lookout for brighter colours when I came across it at a social assistance workshop. I went there and did some research on how to make it. I was blown away by how much trial and error went into creating such a lovely piece of paper.


I requested that it be entirely made of recycled paper cranes. I was afraid it would turn grey, but it turned out to be a beautiful bright colour.


It can't be made in a matter of days. They put in a lot of effort and required some skills. I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out.


Why do we only use 100% recycled crane paper and leave the natural colour alone?

The answer is tied to this poem.


the sky turned gray on that day

but we weaved til today

colors can be in different tones

shapes can be in different forms

僕らはこの地球の「ONE TEAM」
We are ONE TEAM on this earth  

We shall weave a peaceful world

I get the sense that the colour of the paper is telling me that we are all united. 


When I think about where all the paper cranes came from, I always get excited.

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